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Kill a workflow wait block

this can be accomplished by a UI action (button) on the wf_executing table this can either be server side code: var url= /' + current.sys_id + '&sysparm_list_mode=grid'; action.setRedirectURL (url); or client side code: tick the client box in the onclick box, enter: go_to_trigger(); in the script box enter: function go_to_trigger(){     var grT=new GlideRecord('sys_trigger');      grT.addQuery('nameLIKE' + g_form.getUniqueValue() );      grT.query();      if ({           var url=new GlideURL('/');           alert('redirecting to sys_trigger entry');             url.addParam('sys_id', grT.sys_id);  , '_blank');       } } note: you may need to enable popups in the browser for the client option simply navigate to the sys_trigger, and update the 'next action' date field to 30 seconds f