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ServiceNow Quick start tests for ATF   (ServiceNow )    

ServiceNow Retrieve a href url from a string using javascript regex

 var str=' INFRASTRUCTURE | AVAILABILITY | Host or monitoring unavailable | <h3>OPEN Problem P-21115004 in environment <i>Non Production</i></h3><br><small>Problem detected at: 17:09 (UTC) 26.11.2021</small><hr><b>1 impacted infrastructure component</b><hr><br><div><span>Host</span><br><b><span style=\"color:#dc172a; font-size:120%\">NOAG-OUD-VM01</span></b><br><p style=\"margin-left:1em\"><b><span style=\"font-size:110%\">Host or monitoring unavailable</span></b><br>Host or monitoring unavailable due to connectivity issues or server outage</p></div><hr><p><a target=\"_blank\" href=\";pid=-111260345472460xxxx_16379465660xxxx\">Open in Browser</a></p> '; var patt = /<a[^

ServiceNow Problems activating a new identity provider (webSSO) even after it tested successfully

 see this link   (ServiceNow )

ServiceNow Staging tables cleanup

 see these topics staging table tidy up   managing table data   (ServiceNow )

ServiceNow Test the orignating IP address

 firing a REST message from one instance to a scripted REST endpoint on another.  use the following to test the IP of the request: /*test the IP*/ var session = gs . getSession (); var addr = session . getClientIP (); gs . log ( addr , 'mojtemp_IP' );