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Quick start tests for ATF

Retrieve a href url from a string using javascript regex

 var str=' INFRASTRUCTURE | AVAILABILITY | Host or monitoring unavailable | <h3>OPEN Problem P-21115004 in environment <i>Non Production</i></h3><br><small>Problem detected at: 17:09 (UTC) 26.11.2021</small><hr><b>1 impacted infrastructure component</b><hr><br><div><span>Host</span><br><b><span style=\"color:#dc172a; font-size:120%\">NOAG-OUD-VM01</span></b><br><p style=\"margin-left:1em\"><b><span style=\"font-size:110%\">Host or monitoring unavailable</span></b><br>Host or monitoring unavailable due to connectivity issues or server outage</p></div><hr><p><a target=\"_blank\" href=\";pid=-111260345472460xxxx_16379465660xxxx\">Open in Browser</a></p> '; var patt = /<a[^

Problems activating a new identity provider (webSSO) even after it tested successfully

 see this link

Staging tables cleanup

 see these topics staging table tidy up   managing table data  

Test the orignating IP address

 firing a REST message from one instance to a scripted REST endpoint on another.  use the following to test the IP of the request: /*test the IP*/ var session = gs . getSession (); var addr = session . getClientIP (); gs . log ( addr , 'mojtemp_IP' );