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Virtual Agent on Android versus Apple devices

  just tested Now Mobile and it does have the virtual agent quick action available. realised recently that on an iPhone device the quick action does not show on the bottom-right corner as in Android devices; instead you will need to click the 3 vertical dots at the right-top corner of the app. It may also depend on whether there are multiple quick actions as in Now Mobile app, or not.  

Azure AD User Provisioning and SSO

user provisioning is a direct web service using REST APIs connecting to the sys_user table (and optionally sys_user_group) Microsoft Azure provisioning is not a ServiceNow product. Please contact Microsoft for specific questions. The typical Azure user provisioning flow is as follows: Azure AD sync service looks up assigned users in scope for provisioning in Azure AD. If new users have been assigned or otherwise added to the scope since the last sync, Azure AD sync service queries ServiceNow to see if those users exist. If user does not exist in ServiceNow, a new user is created in sys_user table. If user does exist, then it is updated with any user attributes foun

ServiceNow - STOP words: why certain search words may not work in virtual agent

Example: a search in virtual agent on "issue" did not result in the raise an issue record producer being returned, even though this was defined as a search word in the topic solution would be to add the stop word to the sys_cs_topic group and set the stop mode to Not a Stop Word. Note: you may need to click the 'regenerate text index' UI action afterwards and this action might not get picked up in the update set so a manual step Explanation : Searching the 'issue' keyword will not bring any result in this instance because 'issue' has been set as a 'Stop Word'  https://<xx> VA uses global search functionality to return any matching topic and it doesn't return any result for 'issue'. You can quickly test this behavior from the sys_cs_topic table as well.  https://<xx>/ https://&

ServiceNow - Force immediate processing of emails in the instance

l ittle nugget. 😉 As we know, there are two scheduled jobs that add to the time for email to Incident processing: One which will check the SN mailbox of the Instance and pulls them into the sys_email table of type Inbox The other will go through the Inbox and process the email according to the Inbound Actions and, when done, sets the email type to Received. Give that we developers can be impatient you can save time by running this into Scripts - Background var getSendEmail = new GetSendEmail(); getSendEmail.execute(); It will force the jobs to run now (ServiceNow )

ServiceNow - Custom scheduled reports - pulling in data from different tables using HTML

(Courtesy of Mohammad Nassar) scheduled report : event : example notification :  email script : ( function runMailScript ( current , template , email , email_action , event ) { email . setSubject ( 'IM Summary ' + gs . nowDateTime ()); email . addAddress ( 'cc' , '' , '' ); var REPORT_EMAIL = new _Report_Emails (); var output = '' ; var table_name , encoded_query , field_names ; output += '<link rel="stylesheet" href="">' ; output += '<script src=""></script>' ; output += '<script src=""></script>' ; // Active Major Inciden