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ServiceNow - Enable audit for non admins on tables

 for the view history feature follow the link below, however may be just as easy to write changes to the field(s) concerned to the activity trail (worknotes)

ServiceNow - Working with 2 dimension array

 var instURL = gs.getProperty('glide.servlet.uri'); if (instURL.indexOf('') > -1) {     gs.print('do not run on prod'); } else {     updateMissingCorrelationIDs(); }   function updateMissingCorrelationIDs() {     var grCIs = new GlideRecord('cmdb_ci');     grCIs.addQuery('discovery_source', 'SGO-Dynatrace');     grCIs.addQuery('correlation_id=NULL');     grCIs.addQuery('nameISNOTEMPTY');     // grCIs.setLimit(500);     grCIs.query();     //gs.print(grCIs.getRowCount());     var iCount = 0;     var arrSYSIDS = [];     while ( {         try {             var grCIs2 = new GlideRecord('cmdb_ci');             grCIs2.addQuery('correlation_id',;             grCIs2.query();             if (! {                 iCount++;                 var arr1 = [grCIs.sys_id.toString(),];                 arrSYSIDS.push(arr1);           

ServiceNow - updateMultiple() example

 see!/reference/api/quebec/server/no-namespace/c_GlideRecordScopedAPI#r_ScopedGlideRecordUpdateMultiple   var grCI = new GlideRecord ( 'cmdb_ci' ); grCI . addQuery ( 'discovery_source' , 'SG-DYNATRACE' ); grCI . addQuery ( 'operational_status' , '1' ); //--operational //grCI.query(); //gs.print('TOTAL: ' + grCI.getRowCount()); grCI . setValue ( 'operational_status' , '2' ); //--non-operational grCI . updateMultiple ();  

ServiceNow Set the 'from' sender in an email notification

 go to advanced view in the notification> set the 'From' field

ServiceNow Change the order of questions in a survey

ServiceNow   If you are banging your head against the wall in survey designer, try this approach: Navigate to All > Survey > View Surveys and open the appropriate survey definition. In the Metric Categories related list, edit the values in the Order column. To change the order of questions within a category, complete the following steps.     Open the Assessment Metrics related list.Edit the values in the Order column.     Click Update. see

ServiceNow Survey url (portal view) in survey notification script

ServiceNow  var instURL=gs.getProperty('glide.servlet.uri'); var link=instURL+'sp?id=take_survey&instance_id=' + current.sys_id;

ServiceNow take survey url link - service portal friendly

ServiceNow  https://<> loads this 'get started' page:    click 'get started' to start the survey