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Accessing the UI Macro - List field in client script on the standard change record producer / must contain > 2 changes

  (note the out of the box field has been re-labelled slightly in this example) within the UI macro: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <j:jelly trim="false" xmlns:j="jelly:core" xmlns:g="glide" xmlns:j2="null" xmlns:g2="null"> <j:set var="jvar_html_identifier" value=" std_change_proposal.change_requests "/> -->  g_form.getValue('std_change_proposal.change_requests'); will work in the onsubmit client script example to prevent submission if the field contains less than 3 changes function onSubmit () { var field_name = 'std_change_proposal.change_requests' ; var msg = getMessage ( 'chg.std_chg_proposal' ); var sample_chg_reqs_field = g_form . getValue ( field_name ); if (( sample_chg_reqs_field . match ( /,/g ) || []). length < 2 ) { g_form . addErrorMessage ( msg ); alert ( msg );

IMPROVED Sys Admin useful Service Portal widget to check for duplicates in tables

> improved from an earlier post... (see  ) Widget defined in global scope; note can set cross scope privileges for access to scoped tables [- should generate entries in sys_restricted_caller_access which can then be set to permitted] HTML: <div> <h1> Check ServiceNow Table for duplicates <title> Check ServiceNow Table for duplicates </title> </h1> <div class = 'container' > <form class = "form-horizontal" > <div class = "form-group" > <label class = "col-sm-2 control-label" > Enter table name here </label> <div class = "col-sm-10" > <input class = "form-control" value = 'sys_user' id = 'tbl_name' > </div> </div> <div class = "form-group" > <label class = "col-sm-2 control

Case management: inbound action to re-open a resolved case via email

when to run : conditions : field actions :

Case management: add a new 're-opened' state

Technical approach  implemented as follows: -Added a new sys choice on State field of Case table labelled as 'Re-Opened' and with value of '2'. -Created a new Customer Service Case Flow called 'Re-Open Case', which is responsible for the transition of state from 'Resolved' to 'Re-Opened'. -De-activated OOB button called: 'Open Case'. -Created a new button called: 'Re-Open Case', which will carry out the state transition specified in the new Customer Service Case Flow, as mentioned in step no. 2 above. -Updated the existing flow formatter [sys_process_flow] called: 'Assigned' by modifying the condition field to cater for the 'Re-Opened' state as well as the 'Assigned' one, i.e. State=Assigned OR State=Re-Opened. -Finally, updated the client script called: 'Hide Options From State Field' to hide the 'Re-Opened' state value from the drop-down list when the current state is NOT Re-Opened. reopen

ServiceNow Health Scan - resultant best practice suggestions (with some references)

  item ref ServiceNow recommends that secure platform properties are set according to the Security Hardening guide. Refer to the Security section of the product documentation "URL Whitelist For Logout Redirects should be setup 1 " Performance Monitoring ACL should be enabled 1 Enforce Relative Links should be enabled 1 SSLv2/SSLv3 should be disabled 1 "Enable Blacklist for Attachments 1 "