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ServiceNow - Virtual Agent /Agent Workspace Chat questions and answers

  Key questions answered Question                                                          Answer 1) Is it possible to prevent the timeout timer so that users remain in the queue of an available agent?  When an End User initiates chat a work item is created as a chat and routed to an available agent to accept/reject it.  We can set time out for how long it should stay with the available agent till he accepts/rejects by going to 'Reassign on timeout' and changing the 'Timeout' field value (Days and Hours, Minutes, Seconds)  Please refer to the below Product Documentation for the same.  Configure agent assignment rules : However, if you want to increase the Time Out after the Conversation has been started (Chat is accepted) between the end user and the agent.  You can do that by changing the Idle Chat Time Out Properties.  Ple

ServiceNow move away from hasRoles()

  the hasRoles() method The hasRoles() method is still available, but is deprecated in the Geneva release. Use the hasRole(role name) method instead. If you do use the hasRoles() method, note these changes   (see )