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ServiceNow - Navigation module: report, dashboard - and access the dashboards list

 link to a report - note: may not work if published reports are disabled in the instance (regardless of whether it's published = false) link type: URL / link to a report (view/run) link type: run a report select the report using the lookup link to a dashboard (by its sys id) $ view all dashboards: pa_dashboards.list

ServiceNow - Create a word cloud widget and PA dashboard

Creating a Word Cloud Widget - Technical Specifications     Pre-Requisites First, ensure that an indicator (on the ‘pa_indicators’ table) exists, which you will use to base your widget data on. If not, then create a new one. Also, ensure that the ‘Indicator source’ field on the indicator record has a reference to an indicator source (on the ‘pa_cubes’ table). If not, then create a new one. PA Text Index Configuration Create a new PA text index configuration record by navigating to: Performance Analytics > Text Analytics > Setup and then click New to create a new record. Populate field ‘Indicator source’ with the reference to the indicator source, as mentioned in the pre-requisites section above. After that go to field ‘Fields to analyze’ and choose the fields that need to be analysed within the word cloud widget. Note: the fields to choose must