Configure activities filter on incident form (including relationship changes option)

 sys property  glide.ui.incident_activity.fields (note: easiest to configure it via this 'configure available fields' link which updates the property: )   note: to include such things as 'relationship changes', email - see highlighted in bold below: caller_id,resolved_by,resolved_at,close_notes,close_code,comments, *Relations*,*Email*, work_notes,actions_taken

Hi becomes Now Support

 "the times they are a-changing" This is a reminder that on April 11, 2021 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, Now® Support (formerly known as “HI”) will begin using ServiceNow ID. After the change, you will use your ServiceNow ID to log into Now Support as well as the ServiceNow Store. Please read on for details about the change and action you should take to ensure a smooth transition.   

Twilio - test callout and view logs

Test call back   follow the steps here, within Twilio scoped app in order for the test button to appear select the number to call from, and enter your own number to call out to   you will then have access to view the logs ( sn_twilio_direct_callback_test table)

UI16 Developer Patch!/share/contents/9650888_ui16_developer_patch?v=2.5&t=PRODUCT_DETAILS

Determine ServiceNow Subscriptions/Licenses in the prod instance

 Note: possible on the production instance only as this info is not copied down to lower environments during a clone see  Subscription Management | ServiceNow Docs

get a field value in the glideAggregate

Must include a groupby clause in order for the getValue (or getDisplayValue() on a reference field) to work var REQsysid = '3eac6cbddb75a81081fb49a23996xxxx' ; var agg = new GlideAggregate ( 'sc_req_item' ); agg . addQuery ( 'request' , REQsysid ); agg . addAggregate ( "COUNT" ); agg . groupBy ( 'short_description' ); agg . query (); var answer = 0 ; while ( agg . next ()) { gs . print ( agg . getAggregate ( "COUNT" )); gs . print ( 'SD:' + agg . short_description . getValue () ); }

GetRowCount() versus GlideAggregate

 GetRowCount is not best practice, instead use GlideAggregate see  getrowcount example: var agg = new GlideAggregate ( 'sc_req_item' ); agg . addQuery ( 'request' , '3eac6cbddb75a81081fb49a2399xxxxx' ); agg . addAggregate ( "COUNT" ); agg . query (); if ( agg . next ()) { var answer = agg . getAggregate ( "COUNT" ); gs . print ( answer ); }