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ServiceNow REST API documentation for GOV.UK Notify AND ServiceNow docs link for integration hub

 see link API documentation:   and    Action Description Look up Notification Status by ID Retrieves the latest notification by the notification ID. Look up Notifications Retrieves up to 250 messages and statuses, that is one page. Send a Letter Sends a physical notification letter to a recipient. Send a Text Message Sends a text message to a recipient. Send an Email Sends an email notification to the recipient.   (ServiceNow )

ServiceNow get the instance version

 var instance_version = gs.getProperty('glide.war').slice(6, 12).trim();   (ServiceNow )

ServiceNow Use of GlideRecordSecure

 see developer article     (ServiceNow )

ServiceNow Integration Hub Subscription Options

ServiceNow Product Directory (Rome version)

 product directory

ServiceNow Release History