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Service Portal: update the portal button 'order now' to 'request now'

go to System UI > Messages - search key for Order Now.  Change the message value to Request Now

Service Portal: modify column CSS

go to the portal (user facing url) ctrl-right click on the column > select 'edit container background' then add the CSS to the index / home page of the portal:

Service Portal: add a carousel widget with fixed height and embedded homepage search

based on a copy of the ootb carousel widget HTML: <div class="pull-in">   <uib-carousel interval="options.interval">     <uib-slide ng-repeat="slide in ::data.slides" active="">       <div class="container">         <a href="{{::slide.url}}" title="Open carousel item">           <img ng-src="{{::slide.background}}" style="margin:auto; width:100%;" role="presentation">         </a>       </div>     </uib-slide>      <!--homepage search-->  <!--<div id="homepage-search" class="hidden-xs wrapper-xl">     <div class="wrapper-xl"> -->           <div id="homepage-search" class="hidden-xs wrapper-xl">          <h2 class="text-center text-4x m-b-lg sp-tagline-color" ng-bind="options.title">

UI Policy errors when attempting to add the ui policy action

load the catalog ui policy in list view and set the order value to 150 or higher

Edit a widget directly from the portal page

Press crtl + right click on the widget Click widget in editor (as per: )

Redirect a portal page to another page

do this via page route maps

embed twitter feed in widget - limit to 3 tweets

<div> <!--<a class="twitter-timeline" href="">Tweets by Nowsupport</a> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>--> <a class="twitter-timeline" data-tweet-limit="3" href="">   Tweets by Cov Uni</a> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> </div>

granting SNC employees access on prod

embed twitter feed in widget

<!-- how to: go to enter the twitter url click the copy code button--> <div> <a class="twitter-timeline" href="">Tweets by Nowsupport</a> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> </div>

Announcements in the banner

in UI16> page header caption ServiceNow <div><marquee> servicenow will be down for essential maintenance </marquee></div>