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ServiceNow Event Management - issues with Quick Response button

 if the remediation flow is not appearing, double check the conditions of the alert management rule (e.g. task field is empty? is a condition > flow will not display in the list under Quick Response) and also the conditions of the associated subflow note in order to remove an inactive subflow from appearing you may need to delete the subflow

ServiceNow timeout settings for virtual agent chat

  After connecting to live agent User is connected to live agent and not responding to live agent chat or distracted. The below properties controls the timeout settings, the OOB settings for reminder is [180 sec] and for cancelling the chat is [360 sec]. The job is default configured to 2 min so I believe no tweaking is required here.  Property -   com.glide.cs.idle_chat_reminder_timeout                  com.glide.cs.idle_chat_cancel_timeout Scheduled job   - Idle Chat Timer Task   (ServiceNow ) 

ServiceNow import set - clean the import sets

ServiceNow import set - clean the import sets  this runs automatically but you can also run it in a background script set to a lower number of days ago var ic = new ImportSetCleaner(); // delete import sets and their related import set rows // that were created more than or equal to 7 days ago>> changed to 1 day ic.setDaysAgo(1); ic.clean(); Just cleaning out a table: var ic = new ImportSetCleaner('tableYouNeedToClear'); ic.setDataOnly (true); ic.setDaysAgo(1); ic.clean();

ServiceNow import set issues, e.g. import rows stuck in 'pending'

 see   also the following is helpful: (ServiceNow )  diagnostic script to run : var iset = "22a4122a1b9891100c1d2131b24bcbe5" ; //ISET number OR sys_import_set.sys_id var isetfound = true ; var gr_iset = new GlideRecord ( "sys_import_set" ); gr_iset . addQuery ( "number" , iset ); gr_iset . query (); if (! gr_iset . next ()){ gr_iset . initialize (); gr_iset . addQuery ( "sys_id" , iset ); gr_iset . query (); if (! gr_iset . next ()){ gs . log ( "Import Set (ISET) not found." ); isetfound = false ; } } var resultString = "\n\n\nOutput from Import Transform Summary Tool :" ; if ( isetfound ) resultStri