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ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 Highlights

ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 Highlights  Highlights: Future improvements to Flow Designer Versioning Auto-Diagramming Expanded toolbox and studio Future Artificial Intelligence Integrations ServiceNow is partnering with Nvidia Auto-generate JavaScript from pseudocode Auto-generate Flows from plain text Incident prediction RiseUp Initiative ServiceNow is trying to grow more talent to meet the demand New learning paths like Business Process Analyst and Technical Project Manager Link to website Knowledge Digital Experience Website: Recommended Videos: Keynote: Putting yes to work: Hyperautomation & Low-code: Agility at scale to respond faster to changing business needs: CreatorCon Keynote : Hopefully this will be uploaded soon. They discussed a lot of great AI integrations and Flow D

ServiceNow Search on Script Field in Scheduled Job

 ServiceNow Search on Script Field in Scheduled Job Have you ever been frustrated at not being able to search on the 'script' field in a scheduled job? Well the good news is you can! Using the 'scheduled script execution' related field > run this script field:

ServiceNow How to Search Flow Designer for Keywords

 ServiceNow How to Search Flow Designer for Keywords use the text or keywords and enter the string:

ServiceNow Flow Designer Sys Properties

 ServiceNow Flow Designer Sys Properties see property com.snc.process_flow.reporting.level Level of reporting data generated by the flow engine. com.snc.process_flow.reporting.level Specify when  Flow Designer  generates execution details and what information the details include. Options include: Off Reporting is deactivated. The system only generates execution details when you run a test. Note:  Testing an action or flow generates execution details at the Developer Trace level. Flows Only Reporting is activated for all flows and subflows. Execution details show the status and duration of each flow and subflow run. You can see the configuration and runtime values of flow triggers and subflow inputs. Flows and Actions Reporting is activated for all flows, subflows, and actions. Execution details show the status and duration of each flow, subflow, and acti

ServiceNow UTAH: Highlights

ServiceNow UTAH: Highlights Next Experience UI Landing Pages Next Experience Unified Navigation Next Experience Additional Menus  including custom menus Next Experience Workspaces   Offline Mode for Mobile 

ServiceNow UTAH Theme Builder

 ServiceNow UTAH Theme Builder theme builder needs installing via plugins It will only modify how next experience UI looks, it will not modify legacy UI16 look navigate to it via: https://<instancename> theme-builder/home currently does not change branding across portals but it should be a long term goal note the paragraph on /now/theme-builder/edit-overview/8d16b1ce97e66110df843a300153af52 Currently, you need to update system properties to use your logo. See   details. Link opens in new window or tab   We’re working to make this simpler for you. which takes you to a docs link:  this shows you which sys property to set up in order to enable theme builder to override your logo >  Ensure that the glide.ui.polaris.theme_builder.override_logo system property is set to True. Only Polaris has a Da