Catalog Client Script: how to determine if loaded in Service Portal or Platform UI?

Basic principle is to use the URL via top.location which will be different in service portal:

function onLoad() {
    //shared functions for form load
    var urlString=top.location.toString();
    var bPortal=false; //--loaded from Service Portal?
    //--set hidden field--store sys id for ref qualifiers (referenced in script include MAB_refqual_functions)
    //--Cat item id:
    var itemID='';
        if (bPortal){
            itemID= g_form.getSysId(); //--service portal friendly
            //--standard servicenow form
            itemID= gel('sysparm_id').value;
    }catch (ex){
        alert('An error has occurred in the form load ' + ex.toString());
    g_form.setValue('hidden_catitem_sysid',itemID );


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