Email scripting - catalog variables and styling

today, some email notification scripting fun (in this case on the sc_req_item table)

message HTML - pull in a notification email script:


notification email script:
- set background of variables section to 'LightGray' color using a div
- call a script include to pull in some variables, passing in the current RITM object

(function runMailScript(current, template, email, email_action, event) {
    //--pull in some variable values
    var si= new servicerequest_funcs();
    template.print('<div style="background-color:LightGray">');
    template.print('<b>Total cost:</b>' + current.variables.retail_grand_total);
})(current, template, email, email_action, event);

script include snippet:

retrieve_variables_email: function(ritm){
        //--build up a string of variable values for the email notification script to template.print out
        var sReturn='';
        sReturn=sReturn+ '<b>Equipment:</b><br/> ' + this._get_datalookup_name(ritm.variables.retail_kit) + ', quantity: ' + ritm.variables.retail_quantity;
        if (ritm.variables.retail_additional_flag=='true'){
            sReturn=sReturn+ '<b>Additional Equipment:</b><br/>';
            for (iCount=1;iCount<9;iCount++){
                var kit=this._get_variable('retail_kit_' + iCount, ritm);
                if (!gs.nil(kit)){
                    sReturn=sReturn + this._get_datalookup_name(kit) + ', quantity: ' + this._get_variable('retail_quantity_' + iCount, ritm) +  '<br/>';
        return sReturn;
    _get_variable: function(variable_name, grRITM){
        //--retrieve a variable value where the variable name is passed in as a string
        var sReturn='';
        var varGR=new GlideRecord('sc_item_option_mtom');
        varGR.addQuery('request_item', grRITM.sys_id);   //--sys id of the sc_req_item
            var gr= new GlideRecord ('sc_item_option');
            gr.addQuery('sys_id', varGR.sc_item_option.toString());
                sReturn=gr.value; //--sys id, typically for this search. or string value if not a ref field
        return sReturn;


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