Service Catalog: change a catalog variable label part 2: service portal friendly version!

Ok, so here's a quick and easy solution, that will work in both standard service catalog AND service portal view (a neater solution could be coded that checks if 'I am in Service Portal' based on the url parameters for example, but below seems to do the trick):

function onLoad() {
    //shared functions for form load
    //--this bit doesn't work in service portal!
    var newLabelText='Select site';
        var labelElement = $('label_' + g_form.getControl('requested_for').id);'.sn-tooltip-basic').each(function(elmt) {
            elmt.innerHTML = newLabelText;
    }catch (err){
        //--will drop down to here in service portal, just allow the code to continue...
    //--this bit doesn't work in standard servicenow!
    if (g_form.getLabelOf('requested_for')=='Requested for'){
        g_form.setLabelOf('requested_for',newLabelText); //--service portal friendly

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