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Service Catalog: set CSS styles of a label

Note the 2 options

Not currently supported by Service Portal, hence the try...catch (still investigating a portal-friendly version)

        fieldId = g_form.getControl('grand_total').id;
              //-- option 1 (JQuery):
        var label = gel('label_' + fieldId);
        $j(label).css('color', 'blue');
        $j(label).css('font-weight', 'bold');
        $j(label).css('font-size', '20px');

              //-- option 2 - use getLable:
        var l = g_form.getLabel(fieldId);'blue';'bold'; 'red';
}catch (ex){
        //--will drop down here in service portal, allows script to continue and form to load
       //--sort of a compromise, add a message under the field
        g_form.showFieldMsg('grand_total', '(the total price of the order)', 'info');


  1. The option 2 works for me in CSM portal. But what if i want a specific word that i need to highlight in the variable. How can i use the option 2 code and modify it to change a particular word in a label.

  2. hello Afnan, sorry for late reply! Haven't looked at highlighting specific words, you'd need to somehow manipulate the HTML. Might be some way of doing it in Service Portal, worth googling


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