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Service Catalog: use a loop to get variable values with very similar names

current.variables.<variable_name> works fine when you know the variable name

but what if you have a number of repeat variables with very similar names on the catalog item form, such as

And you wish to loop round and get all the values, and then use them to carry out a repeat task (for example, insert new CIs into the CMDB)?

must be an easier way of doing this...but until I find it here's some code that does the trick:

repeat fields on the catalog item form:

code to loop round these, for example in the RITM workflow:

//--get a load of variable values which are named very similar
var grRITM=new GlideRecord('sc_req_item');
if (grRITM.get('number', 'RITM0016189')){

   getVariables (grRITM);

function getVariables (grRITM){
    var variablePrefix='retail_kit_';
    for (i=1;i<10;i++){
        var kit_extra= get_variable(variablePrefix+i, grRITM);
                if (!gs.nil(kit_extra)){

function get_variable (variable_name, grRITM){

        //--retrieve a variable value where the variable name is passed in as a string
        var sReturn='';
        var varGR=new GlideRecord('sc_item_option_mtom');
        varGR.addQuery('request_item', grRITM.sys_id);   //--sys id of the sc_req_item
             var gr= new GlideRecord ('sc_item_option');
            gr.addQuery('sys_id', varGR.sc_item_option.toString());
                sReturn=gr.value; //--sys id, typically for this search          
        return sReturn;


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