Service Catalog: variable advanced reference qualifiers

Call a script include to apply a reference qualifier on a catalog item variable:
- variable reference qualifier dependent on another variable selection, in this case a variable referencing sys_user (requested_for)
On the catalog item form.

variable name to apply ref qual filter:

variable reference qualifier (on cmdb table):
javascript: new refqual_functions().lostStolen_getAssignedCIs();

client-callable script include (refqual_functions) function:

lostStolen_getAssignedCIs: function(){
        //--called from variable set client script, for lost/stolen request (service catalog)
        return ('install_statusNOT IN8,7^owned_by='+current.variables.requested_for);
    //owned_by=1269b79937f1060041c5616043990e41^install_statusNOT IN8,7


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