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Access issues - CMDB Dashboard

OK, so figured out the solution to below problem
as per

navigate to self-service>dashboards>edit the dashboard>click the cog>click modify. Note that both the 'restrict to roles' AND 'requires roles' seems to affect the access permissions


User has the role itil / asset, but gets the following error when navigating to cmdb dashboard> CMDB View

but gets the following error:
"You do not have access to any dashboards. For more information, contact your system administrator."

when the fix suggested at
is applied, the error text changes to:
"Sorry! The CMDB Dashboard - CMDB View dashboard hasn't been shared with you"

the online documentation seems to suggest that itil or asset roles are all that is needed, and I have an example of another user with similar roles who does not get the error messages. I can't quite figure out where to configure the access

watch this space, ticket raised with ServiceNow to understand this better > actually closed this once I figured out the solution myself!


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