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Incident form: client scripts are displaying "A new record with this value will be created automatically" messages everywhere. Why???

Anyone spotted the "A new record with this value will be created automatically" messages displayed all over the incident form as per the attached screenshot?

Anyway, I thought I'd share the explanation provided by ServiceNow...

Solution proposed by  (NOW)

Hello Ruen,

We are placing this incident in Solution Proposed.

Reason: I have located documentation that will provide insight on what is happening.

Issue: A new record with this value will be created automatically is showing under an empty reference field

Solution Proposed:
According to the documentation for reference field type :

Enable dynamic creation : When dynamic creation is enabled, entering a nonexistent value in a reference field creates a new record on the referenced table instead of returning an error.

This means that this is enabled on the instance.

Please let me know if the approach above has resolved the issue for which this Incident was raised.

Best regards,


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