How to skip a workflow timer (using admin only ui action)

go to sys_trigger

look for name contains WFTimer

try and locate by name contains sysid of the active timer record; failing that, search for the matching next action field on date/time stamp

update the action to a few seconds from now

watch the workflow execute

UI ACTIONS ON wf_executing table:
---non-client ui action redirect:

var url='/' + current.sys_id + '&sysparm_list_mode=grid';
action.setRedirectURL ( url ) ;

UI Action - client script version:

function go_to_trigger(){

var grTr=new GlideRecord('sys_trigger');
grTr.addQuery('nameLIKE' + g_form.getUniqueValue());
if ({
//alert('in GR');
var url = new GlideURL('/');
alert('Redirecting to trigger with sys id=' + grTr.sys_id);
url.addParam('sys_id', grTr.sys_id);
//url.addParam('sysparm_table', 'sys_trigger');, "_blank");


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