Locate trigger action from workflow

ui action


"Locate Matching sys_trigger entry"

//--server side option:
var url='/sys_trigger_list.do?sysparm_query=nameLIKE' + current.sys_id + '&sysparm_list_mode=grid';
action.setRedirectURL ( url ) ;

> go to it and update the date to a few seconds from now


how to enable the worklflow context ui action on the ticket:
> do an insert and stay on the workflow context ui action, adding in the table it should display on (for example, hr case)

script can be modified to:

var url= '/wf_context_list.do?sysparm_query=id%3D'+ current.sys_id;

clicking this should take you to the wf_executing entries (under the related tab), click into the wait block entry and you should see the new
Ui action


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