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search for a ticket based on variable value

var max_records=3;
var sQuery='active=false^sys_created_onONLast 60 days@javascript:gs.beginningOfLast60Days()@javascript:gs.endOfLast60Days()';
var sShortDescrQuery='^short_descriptionLIKEchange';
var variableValueToCheck='true';
//--the more refined the query, the quicker it will run
//--run it in a test environment first!

//getMatchingTickets('hr_case', '', 'ict_required', '', 'Yes', sQuery, max_records);
//getMatchingTickets('hr_case', '', '', 'ICT Required?', 'Yes', sQuery, max_records);
//getMatchingTickets('hr_case', '', 'loan_secondment_return', '', 'true', sQuery, max_records);
//getMatchingTickets('hr_case', '', 'maternity_career_return', '', 'true', sQuery, max_records);
//getMatchingTickets('hr_case', '', 'loan_secondment_start', '', 'true', sQuery, max_records);

//maternity_career_start, loan_secondment_start

getMatchingTickets('hr_case', '', 'linemanagerChange', '', variableValueToCheck, sQuery+sShortDescrQuery, max_records);

function getMatchingTickets(table, ticketNumber, variableName_db, variableName_question, variable_value, query, max_records){
var bBreakout=false;
var icount=0;
var gr= new GlideRecord(table);
if (ticketNumber!=''){
while ( {
var grVar=new GlideRecord('item_option_new');
if (variableName_db!=''){
grVar.addQuery('name', variableName_db);
if (variableName_question!=''){
grVar.addQuery('question', variableName_question);

while({ //--use while loop in case variables named the same

var grAns=new GlideRecord('question_answer');
grAns.addQuery('table_sys_id', gr.sys_id);
grAns.addQuery('question', grVar.sys_id);


if (!gs.nil(grAns.value)){

if (variable_value.toLowerCase().trim()==grAns.value.toLowerCase().trim()){
gs.print('Matching case: ' + gr.number + ', created on: ' + gr.sys_created_on + ' [ ' + variableName_db+ '=' + grAns.value + ' ]');
if (icount==max_records){

if (bBreakout){
if (bBreakout){


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