URL link in addInfoMessage

var ga=new GlideAjax('gld_HR_ajax');
ga.addParam('sysparm_name', 'checkEmployeeNumber_hrProfile');
ga.addParam('sysparm_hrprofilenumber', g_form.getValue('number'));
ga.addParam('sysparm_employeenumber', newValue);
ga.getXMLAnswer(function(answer) {
if (answer!='undefined' && answer!=''){

var navURL="<a style='text-decoration:underline;color:blue' href=hr_profile.do?sysparm_query=number=" + answer + ">" + answer + "</a><img width='3' src='images/s.gif'/>";
var sMsg='The employee number entered already exists on another HR Profile ' + navURL;
g_form.showErrorBox('employee_number', 'error - please check');



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