Working with Linux MID Servers

some useful UNIX commands

e.g. via Putty

downloading the agent folder for a manual MID server upgrade:
use curl url

MID Server Stop/Start/Status commands

stop the MID server:
using command
sudo /usr/bin/systemctl stop mid

start the MID server:
using command
sudo /usr/bin/systemctl start mid

status of MID:
/usr/bin/systemctl status mid

rename the agent folder to old_agent using:
mv agent old_agent_nov2019

delete operations
delete folder and contents:
rm -rf <folder_name>
delete file:
rm <file_name>

restore backup files
navigate to the folder
run commands to restore backup files:
cp config.xml /app/midserver/agent/
cp wrapper-override.conf /app/midserver/agent/conf/
cp agent_keystore.jks /app/midserver/agent/keystore/
cp cacerts /app/midserver/agent/jre/lib/security/

list directory contents

exit back to prompt
ctrl c

view a file contents read only
vi /app/midserver/agent/conf/wrapper-override.conf
then  :q to exit without saving

pull down a log file
2019-08-05 08:34:49 PROD root@<user>:~> $ find / -name *glide-dist-upgrade.log* 2>>/dev/null 

search for something
ps -ef | grep -i "upgrade"

check port 443
netstat -ano | grep 443

display current directory

create a directory, e.g. 'keystore' in agent folder

mkdir keystore

grant permissions on a folder
You can use command : chmod 777


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