Custom Table to log agent activity

for reporting on all the updates a service desk member has made during the working day
note: may be license implication of using a custom table

2 system properties
- logging enabled property (true/false)
- list of ticket types property (string ; delimited, e.g. incident;sc_task)

new table with following fields:
  ticket (reference to task)
  user (reference to sys_user)
  info (string)

business rule on TASK table, fires after insert/update
- exclude users without itil role and isInteractive=true condition, also exclude internal_integration_user=true users (condition can be amended as needed)

gs.getProperty('ticket.logging.enable')=='true' && gs.isInteractive() && gs.getUser().hasRole('itil')
(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/ ) {

    //--exclude technical users
    var bProceed = false;
    var currentUser = gs.getUserID();
    var ticketTypes = gs.getProperty('ticket.logging.tickettypes');
    var ticketArr = ticketTypes.split(';');
    ticketArr.forEach(function(ticketT) {
        if (ticketT == current.getTableName()) {
            bProceed = true;
    if (bProceed) {
        var grUser = new GlideRecord('sys_user');
        if (grUser.get('sys_id', currentUser)) {
            if (!grUser.internal_integration_user) {
                //--log the user activity
                var grLogs = new GlideRecord('u_cu_ticket_log');
                grLogs.u_ticket = current.sys_id;
                grLogs.u_user = currentUser;
                grLogs.u_info = current.operation();
})(current, previous);


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