Inbound Action: reply on closed ticket

  • create a ticketclosed event registry entry on TASK table
  • Include the following code in your 'update incident' , 'update request' inbound actions
if (! {
        //--activate a ticket is closed event if active is false (closed)
        gs.log(current.number + "; " + email.from + "; " + gs.getUserID() + " - ticket is now closed", "inboundAction:Update Request Item");
        gs.eventQueue("ticketclosed", current, gs.getUserID(), "");

    } else {

       // ... continue with the inbound action code

  • code the notification to fire on TASK table using the event.parm1 as the reply-to value, or code the notification on individual tables if desired (in which case create separate event registry entry per table)


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