Implement a 3 strike rule on incident using Flow Designer

this flow is triggered when the incident is placed on hold with on hold reason awaiting customer
this workflow runs 2 sub-flows in parallel:
- wait for condition to end the flow if the state is changed to a value other than on hold or the on hold reason changes to any value other than awaiting customer
- 3 strike flow which generates 2 sequential events:
       wait for a defined period of time according to business hours schedule, then create an event to         generate a chase up email

       wait a further defined period of time then create an event to inform the customer the incident is closed cancelled and then auto-resolve the incident

the events will need to be added to the event registry, these can then fire notifications as desired

Configurable steps


·       The above contains test values in the wait for steps; these should be updated to the correct values once moved to production


·       The final update step can be updated to reflect correct wording to add to the resolution notes


·       The notifications included in the update set should be updated to suit customer requirements (subject, body text)


·       The above schedule (8-5 weekdays) can be updated to suit

how to queue the event step


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