onchange catalog client script versus catalog ui policy?

set to run on cat item, RITM and task:

function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading) { if (!isLoading) { var allFields = g_form.getFieldNames(); for (var fieldName in allFields) { var fieldLabel = allFields[fieldName]; var fieldVal_p = g_form.getValue(fieldLabel).toString(); //alert(fieldLabel); if (fieldLabel != 'request_type' && fieldVal_p!=newValue) { g_form.setValue(fieldLabel, ''); g_form.setDisplay(fieldLabel, false); } } } g_form.setMandatory('new_line_manager', newValue == "Update Line Manager"); g_form.setMandatory('new_department', newValue == "Update Department"); g_form.setMandatory('new_name', newValue == "Update Names"); g_form.setMandatory('new_work_location', newValue == "Update Work location"); g_form.setMandatory('new_mobile_number', newValue == "Update Mobile Number"); g_form.setMandatory('revised_expiry_date', newValue == "Expired Account"); g_form.setMandatory('new_job_title', newValue == "Update Job Title"); g_form.setDisplay('new_line_manager', newValue == "Update Line Manager"); g_form.setDisplay('new_department', newValue == "Update Department"); g_form.setDisplay('new_name', newValue == "Update Names"); g_form.setDisplay('new_work_location', newValue == "Update Work location"); g_form.setDisplay('new_mobile_number', newValue == "Update Mobile Number"); g_form.setDisplay('revised_expiry_date', newValue == "Expired Account"); g_form.setDisplay('new_job_title', newValue == "Update Job Title");  



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