replace create request from incident form with version that goes via portal

new ui action code (rename the ootb create request with sysid 50317d860a0a0b4b00857807b0815bb2 to inactive and set active=false, and take a copy of it with below custom script)



action name=update_inc

//Update saves incidents before going to the catalog homepage function redirectoportal_catalog() { var res = confirm('If you wish to proceed with raising an RITM linked to this incident, please complete the action by submitting the service request. The service catalogue will load in a new window'); if (res) { var url = "he?id=sc_category"; //gs.addInfoMessage(url);, '_blank'); gsftSubmit(null, g_form.getFormElement(), 'update_inc'); } } if (typeof window == 'undefined') redirect_portal(); function redirect_portal() { //gs.addInfoMessage('SAVING...' + current.number); var session = gs.getSession(); session.putClientData('incidentsysid', current.sys_id); session.putClientData('incidentnumber', current.number); //var clientData = session.getClientData('heincidentsysid'); //gs.addInfoMessage(clientData); current.update(); }

business rule code

run on insert

(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/ ) { //--this business rule is invoked when the customised 'create request' UI action is clicked and the user has been re-routed via portal //--author: Ruen D Smith, (Oct2020) try { var session = gs.getSession(); var clientData = session.getClientData('incidentsysid').toString(); var clientData2=session.getClientData('incidentnumber').toString(); if (!gs.nil(clientData)) { current.parent = clientData.toString(); gs.log(clientData2+';'+clientData+';'+current.number, 'busRule: relate INC to REQ - GetSession'); session.clearClientData('incidentsysid'); session.clearClientData('incidentnumber'); } } catch (ex) { } })(current, previous);


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