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Active sessions: restrict concurrent users for same user and specify session timeout

after you have installed the plugin Limit Concurrent Sessions plugin (com.glide.limit.concurrent.sessions)  

these properties need to be set to true: glide.authenticate.limit.concurrent.interactive.sessions
and to the glide.ui.session_timeout value desired (default is 60 mins)

you may wish to run the following fix script and code this business rule also to default the setting:

BUSINESS RULE: default limit_concurrent_sessions to true when creating a new user (exclude integration users if you wish) - before insert and set condition to 'u_service_account=false' or similar

(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) { //-- see STRY0010717 current.limit_concurrent_sessions=true; })(current, previous);

FIX SCRIPT: bulk update existing users

var grUsers = new GlideRecord('sys_user'); grUsers.addQuery('u_service_account', 'false'); grUsers.addQuery('limit_concurrent_sessions', 'false'); //grUsers.query(); //gs.print(grUsers.getRowCount()); grUsers.setValue('limit_concurrent_sessions', 'true'); grUsers.updateMultiple();


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