known issue with inherited role removal

 below script can be used as a workaround to tidy up inherited roles which can't be removed which is being caused by the inherited flag being set to true on sys_user_has_role

var grUser=new GlideRecord('sys_user'); if (grUser.get('sys_id', '539be781dbfc5010dde5d8c2f39xxxxx')){ gs.print(; var grGrpMem=new GlideRecord('sys_user_has_role'); grGrpMem.addQuery('user', grUser.sys_id); grGrpMem.addQuery('inherited', true); grGrpMem.query(); gs.print(grGrpMem.getRowCount()); while ({ //grGrpMem.autoSysFields(false);//--leave last updated intact //grGrpMem.setWorkflow(false); grGrpMem.inherited= false; grGrpMem.update(); gs.print(grGrpMem.sys_id); grGrpMem.deleteRecord(); } }


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