Restrict quantity per catalog item

(other options discussed by other developers in these example links, see below for my approCH


my solution:

whilst $('quantity').value worked beautifully in client script in classic UI, I could not locate an equivalent that was service portal friendly. As in this instance I did not wish to modify/copy the out of the box widget, I decided to follow this approach:

  • add a read only max quantity variable to the catalog item (reusable variable set) and set it per item in onload client script

  • below before insert business rule [sc_req_item] to override the value

(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/ ) { var sMaxQuantity = current.variables.item_max_quantity + ""; if (sMaxQuantity != "") { if (parseInt(sMaxQuantity) > 0 && (parseInt(current.quantity) > parseInt(sMaxQuantity))) { var sMsg = 'This item has a maximum quantity. As a higher quantity was selected on checkout [' + current.quantity + '] this has defaulted to the maximum value [' + sMaxQuantity + ']'; //current.work_notes = sMsg; //gs.addInfoMessage(sMsg); current.comments = sMsg; } } })(current, previous);


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