service catalog lookup select: pull cat item sys id into reference qualifier, use data lookup definitions

Service catalog dl:


extending system dl table so as not to incur license cost:

this variable does a lookup to a table extending the DL tables to perform a data lookup to pull in a value named “catalogue UID” based on the “request type” variable:

Data lookup table (extends DL table)


javascript:'active=true^u_catalogue_item=' + current.cat_item.sys_id;


Corresponding variables populated via data lookup definitions

Catalog client script on the request type to populate item request type> which in turn fires the data lookup definition:

function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading) {

  if (isLoading) {

       // return;


    if (newValue == '') {

        g_form.setValue('item_request_type', '');

         g_form.setValue('item_catalogue_uid', '');




    g_form.setValue('item_request_type', newValue);




Result on the form:refresh the catalogue UID



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