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GlideModal reference (popup message in classic UI)

 use spModal for portal!/reference/api/orlando/client/c_GlideModalClientSideV3API

use following syntax for 'confirm' with Yes/No (to replace yes/no with OK/Cancel - see highlighted):

//Type appropriate comment here, and begin script below
var dialog = new GlideModal('glide_modal_confirm', true, 300); dialog.setTitle('test RDS'); dialog.setPreference('body', new GwtMessage().format("RDS Test Message")); dialog.setPreference('focusTrap', true); dialog.setPreference('onPromptComplete', doComplete); dialog.setPreference('onPromptCancel', doCancel);

dialog.setPreference('buttonLabelComplete', 'OK'); dialog.setPreference('buttonLabelCancel', 'Cancel');
dialog.render(); function doComplete() { callback(true); } function doCancel() { callback(false); }

 The glide_modal_confirm is a UI Page, so you can copy it and change the HTML anyway you like. Or use renderWithContent() to create it inline without having to create a UI Page.

glide_confirm_basic option - buttons more to the right and not so big:

var dialog = new GlideModal('glide_confirm_basic');
dialog.setPreference('title', 'Body text');
//dialog.setPreference('warning', "true"); // add a warning header below the title
dialog.setPreference('buttonLabelComplete', 'OK'); dialog.setPreference('buttonLabelCancel', 'Cancel');
dialog.setPreference('onPromptComplete', doComplete);


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