Major Incident Status Email update: modifying the styling depending on P1/P2/P3 etc

For example, display red/orange/green headers on the major incident status update email, depending on its priority 

locate the email under "communication plan definitions"

the email source can reference a mail script to refresh the styling/class:

<style> .flagged_cell_p1 { background: firebrick !important; color: white !important; } .flagged_cell_p2 { background: gold !important; color: white !important; } .flagged_cell_resolution { background: limegreen !important; color: white !important; } th, .dark_cell { background: darkblue; color: white; } td, .light_cell { background: #f3f9fa; color: black; } </style>
<th class="${mail_script:inc.email_comms.header_styling_class_name}"

email script:
(function runMailScript(current, template, email, email_action, event) { var inc_priority = current.incident_alert.source_incident.priority; var class_name = ''; if (inc_priority == 1) class_name = 'flagged_cell_p1'; else if (inc_priority == 2) class_name = 'flagged_cell_p2'; else class_name = 'flagged_cell_resolution'; template.print(class_name);
})(current, template, email, email_action, event);


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