Only allow major incident managers to update impact/urgency fields if INC is a Major INC

First, deactivate the OOTB write ACLs:

- incident.urgency

- incident.priority

Then create 2 new write ACLs for incident.urgency, incident.priority with the following script:

var banswer = gs.hasRole("itil"); //--note, OOTB ACL deactivated in order for this to work if (current.major_incident_state == 'accepted') { var grpMIM = '7abfb6704f35a700300450528110xxxx'; //--Major Incident Managers var grpOOH = 'e2c536e5db10e41081fb49a23996xxxx'; //--Incident Managers banswer = (gs.getUser().isMemberOf(grpMIM) || gs.getUser().isMemberOf(grpOOH)); } answer = banswer;


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