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What's new in now platform and upgrades - summary (from Knowledge 2021)

 -AI Search Capability (enabled on new portals, mobile apps etc)

much faster than previous ServiceNow search engine

   out of the box for new, easily retro-fitted into older apps

   automatic spellcheck will fix search typos

   can auto correct based on your org

contextual awareness to return most relevant info (e.g. 

     it knows when you are searching from a mobile device and

     returns the mobile knowledge article at the top of the list)

-Virtual Agent enhancements (chat bot)

improve end user experience

  deflect incidents

  free up human agent bandwidth

-Developer enhancements

source control support 

  script tracer - new debugging feature

  external integrations for CI/CD on Azure pipelines, Jenkins, Github, Github actions


upgrade to every release where possible. Need to upgrade if we have

N-1 entitlement

    upgrade center

    automated test framework (ATF)

    jumpstart your upgrade: best practice, work with a remote support agent. Can get temporaty


    remote administration service: remote assistance using pre-purchased support hours

    Both above part of customer success package


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