ServiceNow REST Table APIs and test harness

(note this may result in a http status of 206 as we are restricting the fields in the response)

this param returns the number in the response, rather than the whole incident info

useful harness:

and of course postman

CURL example
curl "" \
--request POST \
--header "Accept:application/json" \
--header "Content-Type:application/json" \
--data "{
    \"contact_type\": \"Alert\",
    \"category\": \"Data Issue\",
    \"subcategory\": \"Data or File Error - other\",
    \"short_description\": \"File Error + [File Name]\",
    \"description\": \"[Error Exception]\",
    \"assignment_group\": \"56b756774fbd368057db0b318110xxxx\",
    \"u_role_type\": \"c319bc4bdb41834074abffa9bf96xxxx\",
    \"impact\": \"2\",
    \"urgency\": \"3\",
    \"service_offering\": \"93d387761be26c1049c38732f54bxxxx\",
    \"caller_id\": \"1475a0491b743414f0dc85e4464bxxxx\"
}" \
--user 'admin':'xxxx'


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