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ServiceNow - STOP words: why certain search words may not work in virtual agent

Example: a search in virtual agent on "issue" did not result in the raise an issue record producer being returned, even though this was defined as a search word in the topic

solution would be to add the stop word to the sys_cs_topic group and set the stop mode to Not a Stop Word. Note: you may need to click the 'regenerate text index' UI action afterwards and this action might not get picked up in the update set so a manual step


Searching the 'issue' keyword will not bring any result in this instance because 'issue' has been set as a 'Stop Word' 


VA uses global search functionality to return any matching topic and it doesn't return any result for 'issue'. You can quickly test this behavior from the sys_cs_topic table as well. 



*'issue' is set as 'Not a stop word' for sys_metadata text index. Therefore, you can only see results from sys_metadata-extended tables (i.e. sc_cat_item). 




Please either keep the current configuration in place and remember that 'issue' keyword will not bring any results or mark 'issue' as 'Not a stop word' for sys_cs_topic text index. 


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