Copy a virtual agent chat transcript to the incident via agent workspace

 business rule will:

- add the transcript to the incident worknotes

- attach the transcript as a text file to the incident 


(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) { // This BR will only run for Incidents, so get the Sys ID and check that the record being inserted is an Incident var sDocId = current.getValue('document_id') || ""; var grIncident = new GlideRecord('incident'); if (grIncident.get(sDocId)) { // We have an Incident, so let's get the respective interaction record var sTranscript = current.interaction.transcript; var sTranscriptHeader = gs.getMessage("moj.interaction.transcript_header"); // Update the related Incident grIncident.work_notes = sTranscriptHeader + "\n\n" + sTranscript; grIncident.update(); // Add chat transcript as an attachment to the incident record addAsAttachment(grIncident, sTranscript); } function addAsAttachment(grRec, sTranscript) { var attachment = new global.Attachment(); attachment.write(grRec.getTableName(), grRec.getUniqueValue(), 'Chat Transcript.txt', 'text/xml', sTranscript); } // Cleanup grIncident = null; })(current, previous);


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