Script a web service call into a data source


data loader script:

(function loadData(import_set_table) { //-- var si = new test_outbound();//--call a web service via script include var resp = si.testUser_singleUser(); //gs.log('RESPONSE=' + resp); var obj = JSON.parse(resp); gs.log('ID=' +; //--do this the first time round to create the columns /*import_set_table.addColumn('id',; import_set_table.addColumn('email',; import_set_table.addColumn('firstname', obj.result.known_as); import_set_table.addColumn('lastname', obj.result.surname);*/ var map = {}; map['id'] =; map['email'] =; map['firstname'] = obj.result.known_as; map['lastname'] = obj.result.surname; import_set_table.insert(map);

//--array example:
//sNotes += results[i].appointments[0].role;


transform map (on the data source):

can then code a scheduled import on the data source

(see also:


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