ServiceNow Code a dialog window with an embedded url link in the message text



client script:


var _canSubmit = false; var _dialog; function onSubmit() { if (_canSubmit) { return true; } //Check for Assignment Group if (g_form.getValue('assignment_group') == g_scratchpad.hassignmentGroup && g_scratchpad.serviceOfferingA == true) { var wNote = g_form.getValue('work_notes'); //If Work note updated if (wNote != '' && wNote != null) { g_form.setMandatory('work_notes', false); //--don't block form submission g_form.clearMessages(); //Alert user to remove any Sensitive data /*replace JS confirm with nicer dialog*/ _canSubmit = false; var sp = '&#160;'; var kb_sys_id = getMessage('work_notes_sensitive_data.kb_sys_id'); var array = [sp+'<a target="_blank" href="/' + kb_sys_id + '">KB5000xxx</a>'+sp]; var sMsg = new GwtMessage().getMessage('work_notes_sensitive_data', array); var dialog = new GlideModal('glide_confirm_basic', true, 500); dialog.setTitle('Check Worknotes'); dialog.setPreference('title', new GwtMessage().format(sMsg)); dialog.setPreference('focusTrap', true); dialog.setPreference('onPromptComplete', doComplete); dialog.setPreference('onPromptCancel', doCancel); dialog.setPreference('buttonLabelComplete', 'OK'); dialog.setPreference('buttonLabelCancel', 'Cancel'); dialog.render(); return false; //return confirm(new GwtMessage().getMessage('')); } else { g_form.setMandatory('work_notes', true); return false; } } return true; } function doComplete() { g_form.setMandatory('work_notes', false); _canSubmit = true; var action = g_form.getActionName(); if(action == 'sysverb_update_and_stay'); else if(action=='sysverb_update_bottom') g_form.submit('sysverb_update_bottom'); else g_form.submit(); } function doCancel() { g_form.setMandatory('work_notes', true); if (_dialog) _dialog.destroy(); return false; }

message object html:

see the highlighted parameter which is passed in

ui page:  glide_confirm_basic

no need to change this, as it already has html unescape built in:


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