Prevent email signatures from attaching to tickets... but display the blocked attachment from the incident in case they are needed

 the default property can be used

however this solution is a more granular check that will also allow blocked attachments to be recovered to the incident

inbound email code:

var enableFlag = gs.getProperty('email.attach.flag'); if (enableFlag && newRec.getTableName() == 'incident') { alterAttachment(emailRec.sys_id.toString(), newRec.sys_id.toString(), newRec.getTableName()); //, newRec); Test Pending } //Copy attachments from email to created record GlideSysAttachment.copy('sys_email', emailRec.sys_id.toString(), newRec.getTableName(), newRec.sys_id.toString());

function alterAttachment(emailRecsID, newRec_sysID, newRec_TableName) { //, newRec) { Rest Pending //Code added as part of ITSM-11382 to prevent small images and specific //image type to be skipped for a image var result = false; var sizeIs = gs.getProperty(''); var typeIs = gs.getProperty(''); var grc = new GlideRecord("sys_attachment"); grc.addQuery('table_sys_id', emailRecsID); var aCond = grc.addQuery('size_bytes', '<', sizeIs); aCond.addOrCondition('content_type', 'NOT IN', typeIs); grc.query(); while ( { result = true; var attRec = new GlideRecord('u_moj_temp_email_attachments'); attRec.initialize(); attRec.u_table_class = newRec_TableName; //'incident'; attRec.u_content_type = grc.content_type; attRec.u_email_reference = emailRecsID; attRec.u_file_name = grc.file_name; attRec.u_reference_id = newRec_sysID; attRec.u_size = grc.size_bytes; attRec.u_table_sys_id = newRec_sysID; attRec.u_target_table = 'incident'; sID = attRec.insert(); grc.table_sys_id = sID; grc.update(); } return result; }

attachments below the size threshold are not attached to the incident, but visible from a tab (custom table extended from DL_matcher