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ServiceNow Prevent email signatures from attaching to tickets... but display the blocked attachment from the incident in case they are needed

 the default property can be used

however this solution is a more granular check that will also allow blocked attachments to be recovered to the incident

inbound email code:

var enableFlag = gs.getProperty('email.attach.flag'); if (enableFlag && newRec.getTableName() == 'incident') { alterAttachment(emailRec.sys_id.toString(), newRec.sys_id.toString(), newRec.getTableName()); //, newRec); Test Pending } //Copy attachments from email to created record GlideSysAttachment.copy('sys_email', emailRec.sys_id.toString(), newRec.getTableName(), newRec.sys_id.toString());

function alterAttachment(emailRecsID, newRec_sysID, newRec_TableName) { //, newRec) { Rest Pending //Code added as part of ITSM-11382 to prevent small images and specific //image type to be skipped for a image var result = false; var sizeIs = gs.getProperty(''); var typeIs = gs.getProperty(''); var grc = new GlideRecord("sys_attachment"); grc.addQuery('table_sys_id', emailRecsID); var aCond = grc.addQuery('size_bytes', '<', sizeIs); aCond.addOrCondition('content_type', 'NOT IN', typeIs); grc.query(); while ( { result = true; var attRec = new GlideRecord('u_moj_temp_email_attachments'); attRec.initialize(); attRec.u_table_class = newRec_TableName; //'incident'; attRec.u_content_type = grc.content_type; attRec.u_email_reference = emailRecsID; attRec.u_file_name = grc.file_name; attRec.u_reference_id = newRec_sysID; attRec.u_size = grc.size_bytes; attRec.u_table_sys_id = newRec_sysID; attRec.u_target_table = 'incident'; sID = attRec.insert(); grc.table_sys_id = sID; grc.update(); } return result; }

attachments below the size threshold are not attached to the incident, but visible from a tab (custom table extended from DL_matcher