REST API: url parameters


scripted REST endpoint example:

REST message example calling the endpoint:





sample script usage for REST Message:


try { var r = new sn_ws.RESTMessageV2('test', 'Leavers'); r.setStringParameterNoEscape('left_since', '2021-09-01'); //override authentication profile //authentication type ='basic'/ 'oauth2' //r.setAuthenticationProfile(authentication type, profile name); //set a MID server name if one wants to run the message on MID //r.setMIDServer('MY_MID_SERVER'); //if the message is configured to communicate through ECC queue, either //by setting a MID server or calling executeAsync, one needs to set skip_sensor //to true. Otherwise, one may get an intermittent error that the response body is null //r.setEccParameter('skip_sensor', true); var response = r.execute(); var responseBody = response.getBody(); var httpStatus = response.getStatusCode(); } catch(ex) { var message = ex.message; }


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