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ServiceNow Known issue with Event Management crashing the instance (Quebec) resolved on Rome

 Quebec workaround:

PRB1480389 (ServiceNow Ref)

OutOfMemory exception in "Service Analytics group alerts using RCA/Alert Aggregation" job during creation of CMDB groups. The exception happens during cycle detection in RCA calculation.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a full mesh topology between 12 CIs
2. verify that evt_mgmt.related_cis_get_all_relation_types is true and sa_analytics.agg.query_cmdb_rca_enabled is true
3. send 12 events to all the CIs that were previously created
See error in log

1) Deactivate "Service Analytics group alerts using RCA/Alert Aggregation", "Service Analytics Alert Aggregation Learner - Daily" job from sysauto table.
2) Disable the "sa_analytics.agg.query_cmdb_rca_enabled" system property. Once the property is disabled, the above jobs can be set to be Active again.

Please try the steps above and we can monitor to check if this issue is resolved. 


(ServiceNow )


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