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ServiceNow - Survey Expiry - assessment duration field?


There is a misconception that due_date in the survey designer is responsible for the expiration of the survey instance. but the Fact is:
1. The schedule job(sys_trigger) called 'Cancel Expired Assessments' is responsible for the assessments to get canceled.



Surveys with cancelled state will no longer available to be taken. But if we see survey which is having due_date as past, stats of the survey will still be in 'Ready' state and not cancelled which means expired.

So when schedule job run, it cancels the survyes which are are having due_date as past.

Further, when impersonate user, i can not see this survey instance from My Survey related list, but only visible when directly opening provided link:


scheduled job frequency:

Changing it to daily would not affect heavily as it only run once a day. So changing when to run would be up-to the requirement.
However, you can also consider changing it to weekly etc, based on your requirement.



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