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ServiceNow - What is the "[AppSec] Daily Data Management" scheduled job? (and fixing issues with it)

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see also this link re: an issue that required a small fix  


reply from ServiceNow Support:

Solution proposed is :

Hello Ruen,

Hope you are doing well!

We are moving your case to Solution Proposed as we believe the information provided below will resolve your issue. If we have addressed your concerns, you may accept the solution to close this case or reject the solution if it does not answer the original question raised with this ticket. At any time in the Solution Proposed state, you may add additional questions or updates.

Desired Behavior:
Scheduled job - [AppSec] Daily Data Management - Need more details of the job purpose.

Unexpected/Actual Behavior:
Why a scheduled job is running - [AppSec] Daily Data Management

Business Impact:
Getting below alerts daily;
"Alert : Appsec Daily Data Management" with title "invaild run as user"

Solution Proposed:
This job is owned by Performance Analytics plugin.
The job "[AppSec] Daily Data Management" scheduled to run daily and collect the data for the indicators.

Please goto the job and check at the "Indicators" section at the bottom and the job is collecting for those indicators.

The indicators will be used in the Dashboards and data will be displayed on the dashboard based on the data collected by the job "[AppSec] Daily Data Management"

Please see the below article for more information on the job,.

Based on the below alert information, the job is getting errored out as it is configured to use the inactive user to collect the data.
"Alert : Appsec Daily Data Management" with title "invaild run as user"

Inorder to find the issue, Please get this job reviewed by your performance analytics team and modify the job to use active user in the "Run As" field on the dashboard .
If your performance team is not using the dashboard/indicators for which the data getting collected by the job "[AppSec] Daily Data Management" then the job can be set to inactive.

Next Steps:
Please let us know if you have any further questions by updating the case and we will be happy to assist you accordingly.

Kindly accept the solution if you do not have any further questions for Servicenow.

If you need immediate assistance, please use one of the contact numbers from our support contact page:

You will then be able to enter your Case or Change number over the phone to have your call routed to the Support Team.

Best regards,
ServiceNow Technical Support


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