ServiceNow - Bulk update users

 in this example, the 'web_service_access_only' flag has incorrectly been set to true on a large number of records:

var bUpdate=false; //bUpdate=true; //--uncomment this to update, leave commented out to run initial checks //--compare results with this url: //--https://<> var sComplexQuery='emailLIKEgov.^ORemailLIKEpolice^^user_nameNOT LIKEserviceaccount.^user_nameNOT LIKEsystem'; var grUsers=new GlideRecord('sys_user'); grUsers.addQuery('web_service_access_only', 'true'); //grUsers.addQuery('sys_id', '01b665cc1b3d54dcd9b81f4c2e4xxxx'); //--uncomment if you only want to target a single user to test the update grUsers.addEncodedQuery (sComplexQuery); if (!bUpdate){ grUsers.query(); gs.print(grUsers.getRowCount()); //--should return around 6131 users on pre-prod }else{ grUsers.autoSysFields(false);//--leave last updated intact grUsers.setWorkflow(false); //--skip business rules and notifications grUsers.setValue('web_service_access_only', 'false'); grUsers.updateMultiple(); }


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