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ServiceNow Demand on mobile: certain fields not available


 I am the support engineer who will be assisting with your Case.

Unable to select List type field and Date type fields for UI Parameters for the Mobile App.

Investigation Summary:
List (AKA GlideList) type fields are currently not supported in the Mobile Apps, so these type fields are intentionally not available. I did find PRB1337482 that discusses--
"PRB1337482: Glide List/WatchList Not supported in Mobile UI parameters"

PRB1337482 was closed stating that it would be a new feature request. I also found the following Enhancement Requests asking for this feature as a UI Parameter type:

One important note on that last link-- it's possible to use List type fields with Input Form Screens:
While a UI parameter mapping does not have the option to map list type fields, this requirement can still be fulfilled using a "Input Form Screen" (formerly known as Parameter screen):


For Date type fields, these should work with UI Parameters. The 'Input type' would just be 'Text' and the associated mapped Item Parameter(sys_sg_item_parameter) would have the type 'Date'. There should be some Out-of-Box examples of these as well.

Next Steps:
Please review my findings on these 2 Field Types for UI Parameters and let me know your thoughts.
If the Date field still is not working, can you grant SNC Access in an affected instance to the following user for further investigation?: ethan.xxxx



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